Master Carver Hilmi Çay

Master Carver Hilmi Çay

Welcome to Pipoogle & MeerschaumOnline,

From Meerschaum Mine To Your Home !

We are proud to present a wide selection of premium smoking pipes. Pipoogle & MeerschaumOnline features Turkish Block Meerschaum, supplied exclusively by Pipoogle & MeerschaumOnline Meerschaums  All the pipes offered by Pipoogle & MeerschaumOnline Pipes meet or surpass our exacting "Standard of Excellence."

Pipoogle & MeerschaumOnline Pipes is family owned and operated extension of Pipoogle & MeerschaumOnline Meerschaums, founded in 1972 by Nevzat Çay and his Father Nejdet Çay. 

Hilmi Çay is the seller and meerschaum pipe master. who ensured the continue of the site. Hilmi Çay, Grandson of Nejdet Çay, is a new generation Meerschaum pipe master. Born and live  in Eskişehir / TURKEY

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 MeerschaumOnline is recognized nationwide as a trusted supplier by nearly 150 retail tobacconists. MeerschaumOnline promises to continue the philosophy embraced by MeerschaumOnline and provide premium smoking pipes that are:

1-     * High Quality

2-     * Block Meerschaum Pipes

3-     * Handmade Block Meerschaum Pipes

4-      *First Class Works

5-     * Fast Shipping To World Wide

6-     * Money Back Guarantee(Everytime)

Nejdet Çay (Hilmi's Grandfather)

Nevzat Çay (Hilmi's Uncle)

Meerschaum Mine

Kind Regards

Hilmi Çay